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A Female CEO in a Men’s World
Martine Reynaers is the CEO of Reynaers Aluminium, the world leader in aluminium products. She is a woman that sits atop of a world dominated by men. Reynaers requested new corporate portraits of their CEO that depict her as the business leader she is.

Photographer Selection
Phenster always provides its clients with a choice of photographer. When Reynaers and A10 Publishers approached us, we provided them with three highly skilled photographers who all met Reynaers’ demands and are capable of comforting their subjects. Ultimately Reynaers selected Jens Mollenvanger to execute the assignment.

Phenster leaves nothing to chance. We always check the locations of our shoots beforehand. In this case, we paid a visit to Reynaers’ office.

Styling and Make-Up
Styling and make-up are of major importance to corporate portraits. Too many CEOs show up in oversized suits, their hair still messy and it’s clearly visible they having a tough week without much sleep. Even worse, they want the shoot to be done within five minutes. More often than not, this combinations of factors leads to poor results.

Phenster, however, comes well prepared, takes its time and leaves the company with portraits that do justice to their CEO.

Do it right, do it once
Phenster’s total package – talented photographers, the right light and location, styling and make-up – yields striking pictures that will last at least two years.

Reynaers Aluminium

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Jens Mollenvanger


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